Jin Yi Shu Shi (金毅熟食)

If you like Chinese pancake and are curious about an offbeat part of the city, head to this tiny takeout shop buried deep within the Kőbányai Piac, one of Budapest’s two Chinatowns. Known as jianbing and originating in northern China, these savory crepes are a beloved street food across China. Here, a Chinese lady will help you customize your order and freshly prepare it on a cast iron griddle before you. Many versions exist but eggs, fried crackers, hoisin sauce, and a drizzle of cilantro and scallions are standard ingredients. I also like to add pork floss and sausage for a protein boost. The result is a crispy bundle of flavor bomb (eat it while it's hot).

If you're feeling adventurous, try also some of the Chinese snacks laid out behind the glass: stir-fried duck's head, gizzard, tripe, and other offals. The trickiest part is finding this place; here's my best attempt at explaining it: take bus #9 to Kőbányai út 31., then walk back toward the city center for a few minutes until you reach a small entry to the market between warehouses #25 and #27. Enter the market here. Walk all the way down until you hit a store with a blue "D&D" sign. Turn left, then turn right, and you'll see Jin Yi Shu Shi on your left. I know what you're thinking, but jianbings are worth the hassle.

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