Il Terzo Cerchio

Il Terzo Cerchio has been serving Italian comfort food in Budapest’s historic Jewish Quarter for well over a decade. A brick vaulted ceiling, rustic wooden furniture, and a wood-burning oven help evoke Tuscan countryside vibes on this Budapest side street. The restaurant's moniker is a reference to Dante's third circle of hell, where gluttons were punished. The food here isn’t going to blow your mind, but Il Terzo Cerchio serves reliable mid-range Italian fare, featuring pasta, seafood, grilled meats, and pizza.

The creamy and flavorful tomato soup (€4), and the tagliatelle blanketed in piquant Tuscan sausage and a mild stracchino cheese sauce (€11) are especially good. The pizzas, flaunting a puffy crust and a moist center, gravitate toward the Neapolitan-style. The good old margherita will not disappoint. This is also true for the perfectly creamy and moist tiramisu. Hungarian and Italian wines are also available.

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