Hús Hentesáru (Hajós utca)

This homey butcher and sausage shop has been around for almost a hundred years, with the current owner in charge since 1991. It's a small miracle that this old-school, unpretentious place still exists today, hiding beside the Budapest Opera House, one of the city's main tourist attractions. Being here feels like a travel back in time, both in terms of the interior and the service—evidently, the brusque lady behind the counter comes from a generation when customers were not always right, and there's something deeply authentic about her attitude.

Prices are very wallet friendly: I rarely pay more than the equivalent of €5 for my order, which usually consists of a paprika-laced sausage with a slice of roasted pork belly (or ribs), raw sauerkraut, a dollop of mustard, and a slice of bread on the side. You can also purchase to-go a pair of the homemade smoked sausages that hang behind the counter.

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