Hops Beer Bar

With a crowd of male-heavy imbibers and walls blanketed in band stickers, Hops is a divey-looking craft beer bar within Budapest's party district. The moment you realize that this isn't your average dive bar is when you catch a glimpse of the more than 200 types of bottles stacked in the fridge. It's this extensive selection that makes Hops a pilgrimage-site for Budapest craft beer fans (of sour beers alone there are thirty options).

Most bottles come from well-known international breweries like Denmark's Mikkeller, but they also carry small producers from Scotland, Belgium, and the U.S. The Hungarian beers are limited to what the owners believe can stand up to international comparison ("only very few for now"). Hops doesn't serve food, but the area is swarming with food vendors; Bendő Burger, a bare-bones burger joint, is across the street and stays open late in case you're in urgent need of caloric intake.

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