Hops Beer Bar

Hops Beer Bar is a divey-looking craft beer bar located in the heart of Budapest's party district. The moment you realize that this isn't your average dive bar is when you get a glimpse at the more than 200 types of craft beers stacked in the fridge. It's this extensive beer selection and the funny, loud-mouthed, and charismatic owner-operator which make Hops Beer Bar a pilgrimage-site for craft beer fans in Budapest.

They carry bottles from high-end producers with a cult following like Denmark's Mikkeller, and also more obscure craft breweries in Scotland, Belgium, and the U.S. Of the nine taps, at least one is always dedicated to Scottish craft beer giant BrewDog (it's usually their classic punk IPA). The Hungarian beers are limited to what the owners believe can stand up to international comparison ("only very few for now"). Try Mad Scientist's Jam 72, a balanced IPA with piney hops and notes of malt, or GreyJoy, a double IPA with an earl grey flavor made by Balkezes brewery.

Hops Beer Bar doesn't serve food, but the area is swarming with food vendors (Bendő Burger, a decent burger place that stays open late is across the street from Hops).