Located inside Budapest's party district, Hopaholic is a snug craft beer bar known for its dizzying range of international craft beers. They source bottled beers from more than 250 microbreweries around the world and there's also ten rotating beers on tap. Do you feel like downing a cloudy, yeasty hefeweizen? Perhaps an imperial stout from Denmark sporting a 10 percent ABV? Or, rather, a tart and fruity Moldavian-Hungarian lambic beer? Not a problem. The bartenders will provide samples to taste if you feel overwhelmed by all the options.

Hopaholic eschews the usual signifiers of the craft beer genre — no exposed fermentation tanks or heavily bearded bartenders here. Instead, the beers take center stage, as you can also tell by the customers, most of whom are discerning beer fanatics sipping away happily. Given the wide assortment, prices vary from a few euros a glass to multiples of that.

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