HILDA is one of the restaurants lining downtown's increasingly fashionable Nádor Street. The area has come to life as a growing number of tourists and international students from the nearby Central European University pass through. With a perfect curb appeal, you will notice HILDA's Instagrammable interior even before entering the space. An oversized stained glass mosaic covers one of the walls in its entirety, and the bar is studded with rows of dark blue, glazed Zsolnay ceramic tiles, the same brand that decorates the lobby of the Four Seasons around the corner from here.

Similar to the interior, the food also features a little bit of everything. While the plump rotisserie chicken slowly makes its rounds on a horizontal spit, HILDA also prepares classic goulash soup, chicken paprikash, and a range of breakfast dishes. The standouts are the tender mangalica pork loin with celeriac cream, and the chef's "chicken variations" (both €13). On Sundays, they serve brunch until 5 p.m., which consist of the usual suspects (yes, you will find avocado toast topped with a poached egg), but the highlight here is the creamy croque madame (€8).

With decorative dishes, top-of-the-line ingredients (HILDA often shares suppliers with Budapest's Michelin-starred restaurants), and expensive interior, HILDA feels like a Bib Gourmand restaurant. Before you leave, take a glimpse at the limestone tiger sitting perched atop the main entrance – those vigilant eyes have been guarding the building since 1840. (HILDA's name pays homage to the building's architect, József Hild.)