Három Tarka Macska Bakery

Három Tarka Macska (“Three calico cats”) is an artisan bakery located on the tastefully upscale Pozsonyi Road in Újlipótváros, sometimes referred to as the “West Village of Budapest.” The place is a paradise of aromatic and often still steaming sourdough, whole wheat, and rye breads, brioches, and rolls that come in all shapes and sizes while bakers scurry around behind the glass partition. Butter croissants and two must-try local favorites, túrós batyu (a sweet cottage cheese filled laminated pastry) and kakaós csiga (a snail-shaped chocolate pastry roll) are also available, which go down especially well with flavored yogurts that at Három Tarka Macska are sourced from a local family-owned producer.

While it’s still mainly a takeout bakery, a couple of tables are available in the small, oblong space inside and by the outdoor terrace. Három Tarka Macska also serves excellent breakfast omelettes and an array of freshly-made sandwiches. And frankfurter sausages too, but you’re better off skipping those and sticking to what a bakery does best.

In the mornings a line usually forms which is a cross-section of local residents from snazzy millennials, families with young children, and moneyed senior citizens with purebred dogs by their sides. Once here, be sure to roam around this charming neighborhood.