Gyuri bácsi konyhája

This modest self-service eatery (“étkezde”) a bit outside the city center in District 9 may not be for everyone: Even among Budapest’s low-priced establishments, Gyuri bácsi konyhája is positioned toward the lower end when it comes to comfort and interior design. But the food is notably excellent and the place embodies the type of unfussy diner where many Hungarians go for lunch. In other words, here's your chance to dine elbow-to-elbow with locals.

The daily-changing lunch options, presented behind the glass, include an array of traditional Hungarian dishes. Beef or pork stews (pörkölt) are available every day, as is a vegetable stew (“főzelék”). If you’re feeling adventurous, try the paprika-laced tripe stew with a side of egg dumplings. If uncertain, pick whatever looks best to you. The three-course lunch prix fixe costs €5. Note that Gyuri bácsi konyhája gets packed with locals at lunchtime, and unlike other étkezdes, it stays open on Saturdays.

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