Gyros Kerkyra

After spending a few days in Budapest, you might also notice that local residents have a weird fixation with gyros judging by the myriad gyro joints that dot the city center. Unfortunately, most of these painfully overlit shops serve the kind of low-priced gyros that are best relegated to late-night nourishment after a long evening of drinking.

Not so with Gyros Kerkyra, which is one of the few shining stars in Budapest's dark gyro universe. While there's also bifteki (ground veal patty) and souvlaki (grilled skewers), the classic chicken gyro is the knockout here (€4). The soft pita arrives chock-full of shimmering bits of chicken fresh off the rotisserie and dressed with tzatziki, a piquant feta sauce, carrot salad, and fries. Beers and wines are also available. Try to visit outside of peak lunch or dinner hours to avoid the lines, which can stretch outside the building. Once here, use our District 6 guide to discover the neighborhood.

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