Gyros Kerkyra

Hungarians have a weird obsession with gyros. To appreciate this, just take a quick walk on any section of the Grand Boulevard, and countless gyro joints will come your way. While they're cheap, they're generally made of low-quality ingredients and frankly they just don't taste very good.

So avoid the dime a dozen fake gyro joints all over Budapest and try Gyros Kerkyra instead. The gyros in this downtown eatery taste as if you were in Corfu itself. They also serve bifteki (ground veal patty) and souvlaki (grilled chicken and pork skewers) as well as beer and wine. But the classic chicken gyro is the winner, where the sliced chicken fresh off the rotisserie comes with tzatziki, spicy feta cream sauce, a creamy carrot salad, and original Greek pita. It's advised to visit Gyros Kerkyra outside of peak lunch or dinner hours so that you don’t have to wait in the line, which can stretch outside the building. If you’ve time to roam around the neighborhood, see the District 6 guide.