Good Spirit Bar

While Budapest's party district has long been teeming with specialized cocktail bars, downtown was a wasteland when it came to discerning drinking dens. Good Spirit Bar, which opened in 2017 on a quiet, cobblestoned side street, filled this gaping void in downtown's lackluster bar landscape.

Good Spirit is half cocktail, half whiskey bar: the bartenders can just as well serve you an excellently-prepared Negroni as a rare Japanese single malt whisky from the literally hundreds of bottles on the shelves. Most cocktails are €8-10; whiskys range from a few euros a glass up to a fortune. There's a store inside the space in case you'd like to stack up on some premium bottled whiskies.

Being near downtown’s tourist attractions, Good Spirit draws mainly tourists, especially a slightly older crowd compared with the bars in the Jewish Quarter's party district.