Funky Pho is a teeny-tiny soup shop hiding in a quiet side street off Andrássy Avenue in District 6. The place makes some of the best pho soups in Budapest, which is saying a lot in a city flooded with pho joints. The small space, which has only two tables and less than 10 counter seats, goes for a chic street-food look featuring pop art wall paintings and conical hats as design pieces.

The star of the short menu is the brown-hued beef pho (the small bowl runs €4), which you can order either with raw slices of sirloin that quickly cook through, or, if you prefer a firmer but still soft texture, beef shanks. Apart from the soups, I enjoyed the cold tripe salad drizzled with leeks, and the Korean dumplings (mandu). Not all dishes, however, shine so brightly: the seaweed salad was too salty, the summer roll a bit dry (although the peanut dipping sauce is wonderful). Funky Pho is an egg- and dairy-free restaurant with plenty of vegetarian dishes.

They draw crowds from all over the city, so expect to have to wait about 10 minutes for your food; it pays off if you keep an eye out for an empty chair while waiting.