Funky Pho is a teeny-tiny soup shop hiding in a side street off Andrássy Avenue in Budapest's District 6. The place makes some of the best pho soups in Budapest, which is saying a lot in a city flooded with them. The small space, which has only two tables and less than ten counter seats, goes for a chic street-food look complete with pop-art wall paintings and conical hats hanging from the ceiling.

The star of the short menu is the brown-hued beef pho (the small bowl runs €5). You can order it either with slices of raw sirloin that quickly cook through in the broth, or beef shank if you prefer a firmer texture. I also enjoyed the cold tripe salad drizzled with scallions, and the Korean dumplings (mandu). Not all dishes shine so brightly: the seaweed salad was too salty, the summer roll a bit dry (although the peanut dipping sauce is wonderful). Note that Funky Pho is an egg and dairy-free restaurant. Also, while waiting for your food, it pays off to keep an eye out for an empty seat.

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