Fogas Ház

Fogas Ház is an enormous ruin bar located in Budapest's party district, inside a 1861 landmark building with a crumbling facade. Although it started out as a cheap ruin bar for locals, Fogas Ház has become somewhat pricier over the years, meaning that these days it's mostly an international crowd that comes here. In fact, know before you go that Fogas is particularly popular for alcohol-fuled bachelor parties, in case that's not (or it is!) the crowd you care to mingle with.

On a more positive note, Fogas is one of the few (ruin) bars in Budapest with plenty of space for dancing. If the tunes at Fogas are too mellow for your taste, check out Lärm, the dark techno club upstairs (inside Fogas). On Friday and Saturday nights you're likely to have to earn your entry by waiting out the line outside.