Felix Restaurant

With panoramic views onto the Castle Hill and the Danube, the location of Felix is hard to beat. The restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, occupies a nicely refurbished landmark-protected building designed by Miklós Ybl, better known as the head architect of the Budapest Opera House. In terms of prices and ambience, Felix is a notch above the trendy spots but more casual than stiff-lipped fine dining establishments.

The food pays homage to Hungarian classics with small twists and turns. For example, the foie gras (€15) arrives sitting in a Japanese ponzu sauce. Even local Hungarians will enjoy the goulash soup (€6) and the expertly prepared chicken paprikash (€15). Aranygaluska is the way to end your meal, which are sweet yeast buns coated in ground walnut and smothered in creamy vanilla custard. Don't miss them (an order is meant for up to three people). The wine program features celebrated Hungarian producers with a whole page dedicated to Tokaj's wines.

Breakfast is served every day of the week and the avocado toast, a dish often relegated to a check-the-box status, stands out most: a lightly toasted, cereal-crusted dark sourdough arrives blanketed in avocado cream, pomegranate seeds, and a perfectly poached egg. Also good is the acai bowl but you're better off skipping the bagels.

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