Escape the noisy downtown street and enter through the yellow ceramic tiles into the 19th century courtyard of Fekete Café. The marble well in the center of the tranquil courtyard is one of those turn-of-the-20th-century Budapest surprises that hide behind many sooty facades. Weather permitting, enjoy your morning coffee in the open-air courtyard.

Fekete is a hip café and all-day-breakfast restaurant serving a range of on-trend dishes like shakshuka (€6), granola (€4), and quiche (€4). Pricey new-wave coffee, both espresso-based and hand pour-overs, are also available along with bottled craft beers to help lift the mood.

The inside is decorated in-line with contemporary design trends, featuring small wooden tables, Edison light bulbs, and a communal table doubling as the counter space. Many tourists come to Fekete, and since the space is small, there's often a wait for tables, especially on weekends. Fekete is most enjoyable during the warmer months after the spacious courtyard has opened.