Farger Café

The places around Liberty Square and the Parliament tend to be overrun by tourists, which usually brings the worst out of the local service industry. Farger café/restaurant, however, isn't in the rip-off business. It's located on the ground floor of a grand, although somewhat faded building that was commissioned by the Adriatic Hungarian Royal Maritime Company (!) during the glorious days of the Austro Hungarian Empire. Farger can be an ideal place for a cup of coffee or breakfast while taking in the imposing views of the former Budapest Stock and Commodity Exchange across the street, or the plethora of statues and monuments that fill this stately square (including a Soviet War Memorial and a statue of President Ronald Reagan).

Of their breakfast dishes, I usually go for the classic “Farger breakfast” that arrives with roast bacon, mushrooms, tomato, and a pair of sunny side-up eggs served with sourdough toast. On weekdays, they serve a wallet-friendly two-course lunch prix fixe. Farger is best enjoyed from the outdoor tables during the warmer months.