If you’re looking for quick and affordable Middle Eastern food in Budapest's party district, Falafel Bar is your best bet. This unfussy place, offering both takeout and sit-down options, serves hearty portions of shawarma, sabich, kebab, and various hummus plates. The must-have dish here is the namesake falafel plate (€6), where the deep-fried chickpea balls are exactly as they should be: crunchy and creamy. They’re the best ones I’ve had in Budapest.

For a quick snack, I usually order the sabich (€3), an Israeli vegetarian sandwich of fried eggplants and an egg inside a pita. Each of the platters arrives sitting on top of a generous bedding of hummus, tahini, and pickled vegetables (for a spectacle, the beef kebab comes still threaded on a long metal skewer).

Falafel Bar stays open until 4 a.m. every day of the week, a fact that the party crowd from the neighboring bars takes advantage of by satiating their hunger and lowering their blood alcohol level in the wee hours.