Építészpince Restaurant

The building, rather than the food, is the key attraction of Építészpince, a no-frills restaurant inside a stunning pre-war mansion in Budapest's Palace Quarter. Take some time to absorb the view from the inner courtyard: ivy-covered facades, inlaid stone patterns, and symmetrically curved staircases.

Most locals come here for the low-priced, two-course weekday lunch prix fixe (€5), usually consisting of a soup and a main dish. The eclectic crowd includes librarians from the nearby Ervin Szabó Library, architects (today the building is home to the Chamber of Budapest Architects), and retired regulars. After your meal, take some time to roam around this tranquil neighborhood. Be sure to take a peek inside the Szabó Ervin Library around the corner, where the 4th floor features the original furnishings of yet another grand pre-war mansion (you will need to quickly check in at the reception and pay a €1 admission).

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