Enso is a hip Asian-inflected fusion restaurant a bit outside of downtown, in the working class part of Budapest’s District 8. Part of Enso's coolness stems from its premises: you enter the rundown pre-war building on Baross utca, then schlep through the nondescript courtyard to arrive at the dim, exposed brick dining room. There, chic servers scurry under the high ceilings decorated with hanging paper lanterns.

The food is a mishmash of global favorites: from duck ramen to chicken taco, from oysters to marinated trout, from Brazilian cheese bread to Wagyu beef. Most plates are meant for sharing. Although on the small side, they're very tasty, especially those kissed by the charcoal fire, such as the grilled broccoli. Vietnamese coffee, cocktails, Japanese beers, sakes, whiskeys, and Hungarian wines are all available.

Prices are on the higher end – a few small plates with a drink can quickly add up to €40-50 per person. A word to the wise: Plan on an early dinner here, as Enso closes at 10 p.m. Open Tuesday to Friday.

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