Ennmann Japanese Restaurant

Ennmann delivers a no-frills but authentic Japanese experience to Budapest diners. Opened in 2016, the place is actually run by a Chinese couple with the husband managing the kitchen and his wife taking care of the dining area. They have extensive sushi and sashimi selections that on some days are prepared better and fresher than on others (seafood deliveries are three to four times a week). Of the non-raw fish dishes the shrimp tempura is among the better ones: the seafood dressed in a thin layer of batter receives a quick deep-fry, which makes for a crispy crust and juicy flavors beneath it. The pork gyozas are fresh and flavorful (yes, they’re difficult to mess up), but the best to be said about the katsudon, a rice bowl topped with eggs, onions, and pork cutlet, is that it’s served in generous portions. Expect longer-than-average wait times for the food, but several Japanese sake and beer selection are available to help pass the time.

Ennmann is located along a beautiful section of the Danube bank, which makes it all the more frustrating that the dining space is subterranean (a stunning view of the Parliament building awaits departing customers atop the stairs). Prices, similar to comparable Japanese restaurants, are higher than average.