Ennmann Japanese Restaurant

Ennmann restaurant offers a no-frills, but authentic Japanese dining experience in Budapest. It's actually a Chinese couple who runs the place with the husband managing the kitchen and the wife serving food. Ennmann’s strongest suit is the the seafood selections: besides chirashi, sashimi, and regular sushi (nigiri and maki), they serve a host of maki variations (uramaki, futomaki, hosomaki). I went with the six-piece nigiri plate (€9), consisting of a pair of tuna, salmon, and sea bass each, and it didn’t disappoint.

Outside of raw fish, the shrimp tempura was among the better dishes: the seafood dressed in a thin layer of batter receives a quick deep-fry, which makes for a crispy crust and juicy flavors beneath it. Also good is the katsudon (€9), a rice bowl topped with eggs, onions, and sliced pork cutlet, and the yakisoba (€7) noodles.

Expect longer-than-average wait times during peak lunch and dinner hours, but several types of Japanese sake and beers are available to help pass the time. Ennmann is located along a beautiful stretch of the Danube's bank, which makes it all the more frustrating that the dining space is below ground level (there's a stunning view of the Parliament building as you come up the stairs). Prices, similar to comparable Japanese restaurants, are higher than average.