Ellátó Kert

Ellátó Kert is a ruin bar buried deep within Budapest's old Jewish Quarter, inside a U-shaped, brick skeleton that used to be a meat processing facility. The best part of Ellátó is its expansive outdoor courtyard, which feels like a charming oasis away from the throngs of the busy Kazinczy Street. During the colder months, head all the way to the back, where there's everything from comfortable sofas, a pool table, a makeshift Virgin Mary shrine (!), and a food vendor slinging Mexican food. For a Budapest ruin bar, both the beef tacos (€1.5 each) and the chicken burrito (€5) are surprisingly tasty.

Being in the heart of it all, Ellátó Kert, like other ruin bars in Budapest, is especially popular among tourists. Occasionally, those dreaded, binge-drinking bachelor party crews also show up here for the cheap alcohol, but you will find more locals and less of a testosterone-fueled crowd if you visit during off-peak hours: not on a Friday or Saturday night.