Ellátó Kert

Ellátó Kert is a ruin bar inside a brick skeleton of a U-shaped, former meat processing facility buried deep within the old Jewish Quarter. The best part of Ellátó Kert is its atmospheric outdoor courtyard, which is sufficiently secluded from the busy Kazinczy Street to feel intimate. Being in the heart of it all, however, Ellátó Kert, like other ruin bars in Budapest, is especially popular among tourists, and, unfortunately, binge-drinking and rowdy groups of bachelor party crews who come here for the relatively cheap alcohol. You will find more locals and less of a testosterone-fueled crowd if you visit outside of peak hours (basically not on a Friday or Saturday night).

If you need some food to absorb the drinks, go for the Mexican (!) staples offered at Ellátó Kert. For being served in the back of a Budapest ruin bar, the beef and the avocado tacos (€1.5 each), and the chicken burrito (€5) are surprisingly delicious. In-line with the food options, the space is adorned with Mexican bric-a-brac.