If you're curious about Hungarian craft beers and what Budapest a bit outside the city center looks like, be sure to head out to Élesztő. From a total of two hundred Hungarian craft beers, Élesztő serves a rotating set of 25 on draft on any given day which include everything from light crowd-pleasers to complex sour IPAs with notes of citrusy hops. If unsure about which one to get, ask the bartenders, some of whom are usually happy to help. Hoppy-beer fans should look for Hara'Punk's tellingly named "Son of a Bitch," an imperial IPA with a hearty 8.5% alcohol and an astringent finish.

Besides the broad beer selections, it's the location inside a former glass manufacturing plant that makes Élesztő the absolute perfect spot for a craft beer bar: the century-old exposed brick walls and exposed fermentation tanks exude a sense of artisanship and give the (false) impression that an actual brewery is on the premises. The spacious courtyard patio lined with communal tables make Élesztő especially good for larger groups. The barbecued pastrami or pulled pork sandwiches, served from the other wing of the building, are a good way to slow down the rise in your blood alcohol level. Cash only!

And a little trivia: the building next to Élesztő toward the corner was formerly a power distribution center and it currently houses a contemporary arts venue with regular exhibits, music, and English-language theater performances.