Drop Shop

Hiding in an elite part of downtown Budapest near the Parliament building, Drop Shop is a boutique wine bar doubling as a wine store. Unlike most wine bars in the city that stack only local bottles, Drop Shop serves carefully curated international wines anywhere from Austria to Australia, from a traditionally-made Brunello to natural wines from the New World. There's also an ample selection of top-notch local Hungarian vinos that are somewhat pricier and more premium than what you'll find elsewhere. Most options are available both by the glass and by the bottle.

As for food, there are the obligatory cheese (€8) and charcuterie (€12) plates, but the star of the show is the simple and wonderful ham and cheese panini (€3). I only wish that Drop Shop's interior was a little homier—less bright lights, some background music, and more comfortable chairs would extract more charm from the space and be more fitting for the top wine selections. As often is the case in wine bars, most customers here consist of 35-plus professionals.