Like many other cities, Budapest is swarming with specialty coffee shops. You know - tattooed baristas, minimalist interiors, and pricey pourovers. Does the city need more new-wave cafés? The answer is not obvious to me, but if it’s a “yes," then more of them should be like Dorado Café. This 2018 newcomer is located on the rapidly gentrifying Klauzál Street inside the old Jewish Quarter.

So what’s to like about Dorado? Firstly, it’s spacious. Unlike in the hole-in-the-wall cafés so common in Budapest, here patrons are welcome to linger on a long communal table without feeling rushed. Secondly, the Hungarian-Spanish owner duo, Emese Görföl and Mario Jimenez, give Dorado an endearing character; they’re kind, poised, and informed. In a city where service staff is notoriously grumpy, these are precious qualities. Ultimately all places become reflections of their owners’ personalities, and in Dorado’s case this looks to be a good thing.

Coffee beans at Dorado come from Ethiopia, Brazil, or Colombia, and they are light-roasted locally. Coffee options span from cold brews to V60 hand pourovers and espresso-based drinks, the latter of which are prepared with a slick, matte black La Marzocco machine. They also sell a variety of pastries and the by-now-obligatory organic fruit juices.