DON DOKO DON Japan Bistro

The few Japanese restaurants that exist in Budapest focus on higher end Japanese fare like sushi, even though local Hungarian tastes and wallets would be more compatible with the simpler Japanese dishes. Perhaps this is what Mr. Tomoki and his wife, a young couple from Tokyo, thought when in January 2018 they opened DON DOKO DON, Budapest’s first donburi restaurant.

Donburis are quick, simple, and delicious rice bowls topped with a sweet-and-savory broth (made of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin) with simmered meats and vegetables. In Japan, they're popular midday meals for busy office workers, and a common hangover cure. At DON DOKO DON go with the gyudon, which is the classic beef bowl. You can kindly request "tsuyudaku" for extra broth. They also make a pork belly don (kakuni) and a vegetable white cream stew. For HUF1,450 (€5) you can pair the donburi with a miso soup and a pork bun (nikuman) which should fill the average stomach. It’s a pity that DON DOKO DON doesn't yet serve other dons like oyakodons, the delicious and wildly popular chicken and egg rice bowls. Owners, if you’re reading this, please consider adding more options to the menu!