In addition to the longstanding pastry shops, there's an increasing number of new-wave confectioneries across Budapest. One of the pioneers is Desszert.Neked, ocuppying a spacious, distinctly modern space on a quite backstreet near downtown. Here too, you'll find many of the classics — Dobos torte, Rákóczi túrós, isler — but they feature small twists and updates and beautiful craftsmanship. I can also recommend "Royal," a layered cake packing an intensely chocolatey flavor, and Mademoiselle, which is a white-chocolate mousse laced with raspberry jam.

Behind the glass display is Desszert.Neked's see-through bakery, where half a dozen bakers scurry around, forming and kneading dough, and putting on the frosting. There's also macaroons and chocolate pralines, and a sleek Astoria espresso machine to satiate any caffeine craving.

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