Dang Muoi (Attila Street)

Dang Muoi is a small family-owned Vietnamese restaurant chain with three locations across Budapest. My favorite one lines the car-saturated Attila út in Buda (with little foot traffic, it's not exactly a restaurateur's dream location). Don't expect on-trend mid-century furnishings or a hip ambiance — it's the food that takes center stage here.

While many customers stick to pho (€5), fried rice plates (€6), and spring rolls — which are all good — don't sleep on the bun cha, intensely flavorful strips of grilled pork belly garnished with fresh herbs and rice noodles (€7). A rarely seen Vietnamese dish in Budapest is the thit heo quay, a Chinese-style crispy roast pork served with steamed rice and fish sauce (€8). Note that Dang Muoi often gets mobbed by diners so try booking in advance.

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