Who would've guessed? Budapest's Curry House restaurant specializes in Indian dishes cooked in heavy sauces, also known as curries. Unfortunately, most of what I've tried here left my taste buds underwhelmed, wishing for more nuanced flavors. Of the appetizers, you're best off avoiding the soggy and insipid vegetable fritters, and the same is true for the tandoori half chicken (€6), which came out being distractingly dry, underspiced, and without the sizzle this dish is known for.

A uniformly dull flavor profile characterized all five of the curries we've ordered (chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, dal makhani, saag paneer, and chicken korma; €6-9). Perhaps Curry House has decided to tone down the spices to accommodate non-Indian eaters, but that's hardly an excuse for desiccated pieces of chicken. One highlight was the biryani with a side of tart cucumber raita (€13)—perfectly moist, shimmering rice interspersed with herbs and tender morsels of lamb. You can round out your meal with a satisfying mango or pistachio kulfi (€3), a milk-based frozen dessert, but overall, there are more memorable Indian restaurants in Budapest than Curry House. Also note that service can be slow and they accept cash only!