Csiga is a popular café located in the increasingly trendy outer part of District 8, a bit outside the city center. The neighborhood, situated just beyond the Grand Boulevard, is rising to cool-status as people become fed up with the crowds swarming the bars of the Jewish Quarter (two lively bars, Kék Ló or Hintaló Iszoda, are both just around the corner from Csiga).

Csiga is an all-day-café with a full breakfast and dinner menu. While the food is unlikely to blow anyone's mind, the main attraction here is the unpretentious, high-ceilinged space festooned with greenery that usually fills to capacity where locals and tourists alike can feel welcome. It's equally good for a weekday drink and a weekend brunch (served until noon). Recently, however, Csiga has begun to raise prices, leading to an erosion of local patrons and leaving the space mostly to tourists.