Csendes Társ is an island of peace within the hustle and bustle of downtown Budapest. It's an outdoor-only café set along the charming Károlyi Garden, a private-yard-turned-public-park boasting colorful flower beds and a manicured lawn. Csendes Társ is best enjoyed for a late breakfast (it opens at 10 a.m.) or for drinks in the evening when the neighborhood quiets down and the space feels most intimate.

The menu at Csendes Társ doesn't so much constitute a full-on food offering as a collection of snacks (they share the kitchen with the popular ruin bar, Csendes, around the corner). Highlights are the fried sausage with a side of mustard and horseradish and the homemade eggplant spread. The extensive wine list at Csendes Társ includes a range of Hungarian wines, both red and white. Unlike most places in Budapest, Csendes Társ is open on Sunday too, which makes it an ideal place to start a Sunday morning here, or to take a break from your sightseeing schedule with a glass of spritzer ("fröccs" in Hungarian). Service, as usual in Budapest, can be a drag. Note that Csendes Társ closes for the cold months and usually reopens in April.