Csendes Vintage Bar & Café

Csendes is a popular ruin bar in downtown Budapest tucked away on a quiet backstreet. Unlike some other ruin bars with party vibes, Csendes is a mellower, sit-down venue best for conversations. This high-ceilinged space used to be a grand coffeehouse during the glory days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which makes the current ruin bar decor — featuring a mishmash of furniture including creepy dolls that hang upside down from the walls — all the more bizarre. Try to book ahead of time as Csendes fills up to capacity in the evenings with a mix of tourists and locals.

For the best experience, sit by the floor-to-ceiling windows; after you leave, visit the adorable park around the corner, Károlyi-kert, known for its atmospheric location and manicured flower beds.

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