Caphe by Hai Nam

Thanks to the sizable Vietnamese community in Budapest and their many restaurants, local Hungarians have come to learn and love Vietnamese food over the past two decades. Caphé, a chic specialty café and breakfast restaurant along the fashionable Bartók Béla Boulevard, is the latest project of a successful Vietnamese restaurateur family in charge of Hai Nam Pho Bistro.

Apart from standard egg-based breakfast and pastries, they also serve Vietnamese dishes, including banh mi sandwiches (classic and vegetarian), spring rolls, and a fried-egg and meat-heavy Vietnamese breakfast plate called banh mi chao. There's regular and Vietnamese coffee – espresso dripping over sweetened condensed milk – and a range of teas (white tea, sencha, matcha, oolong, black tea). Caphé is mainly a haunt of locals, who come here for meetings or to camp out with their laptops (wifi is available).

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