Café inside the Szabó Ervin Library

Located inside Budapest's Palace Quarter, the wealthy Wenckheim family, landowners in south-eastern Hungary, commissioned the exquisite building in 1889. Since 1931, this Baroque Revival edifice operates as a public library. While the café itself, which used to house the horse stable, is nothing to write home about, the interior of the Szabó Ervin library is a must-see.

Some of the floors have preserved the aristocratic grandeur featuring the original interior details with wood paneling, sumptuous ornaments, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Seeing the hordes of students cramming under the massive chandeliers in the former ballroom is a sight to behold. Register quickly at the front desk (for about the equivalent of €1) then make your way to the halls hiding on 4th floor - that's where the true gems are. For the best experience and most students, visit the Szabó Ervin library during the academic year (September - June).