Budapest Baristas

Although Budapest Baristas is primarily a specialty café, it’s their breakfast-all-day offerings that can make a visit worthwhile. Bagels rarely appear on Budapest breakfast menus, so I automatically order them when they do. After all, who doesn’t like to bite into a still-warm bagel with a dense and chewy dough? The default is a sesame bagel, and toppings include the classic cream cheese, and also lox, the signature Jewish-American variety with smoked salmon.

Budapest Baristas also serves a range of contemporary breakfast foods like avocado toasts, pancakes, and granola with yogurt. Note that the portions are on the small side—most people can easily handle two dishes. A La Marzocco machine makes the espresso-based drinks, which are supplemented by pricey matchas and filter coffee.

Service can be brusque or kind, depending on who is behind the counter from the rotating group of servers. Also, I wish they upgraded the flimsy folding chairs and undersized plastic tabletops which detract from the dining experience (Budapest Baristas is far from the only offender in this regard).