Brody Studios

Brody Studios is a members-only, private bar and club in Budapest run by two Englishmen. The place is located a bit outside the city center in a sleepy part of District 6. From the outside, Brody Studios looks like just another delapidated pre-war building, needing a serious refurbishment. But the inside is a different story. Every inch of the three-story place has been meticulously designed, and it's rare to see a shabby-chic contemporary design mix so well with the fading grandeur of a building.

Inside, you will find several dining rooms, full service bars, and a lively dance floor Friday and Saturday evenings. During the week, they host events like stand-ups and artists' workshops.

Most of Brody's patrons consist of well-to-do expatriates, international film crews stationed in Budapest, and local scene-chasers who're looking to rub shoulders with the famous and well-heeled crowd. Although the interior design and the well-curated events may make a visit to Brody worthwhile, this isn't where you will get a taste of Budapest.

In fact, Brody is where well-traveled foreigners find refuge from Budapest. Where the Hendrick's & tonic is made the same way as in London and Los Angeles (for comparable prices). Where global citizens weary from their strenuous travels can find comfort, company, and a temporary sense of home, be it Berlin, Barcelona, or Budapest.

As for admission, you will most likely be able to get in even without a membership if you give Brody a heads-up by phone or email. Alternatively, they automatically admit guests who are staying in the boutique hotel (Brody House) run by the same owners.