Brewdog Budapest

In 2018, Scottish craft beer giant, BrewDog, opened a massive bar inside Budapest's party district. The decor feels like it's still the early aughts: there are leather banquettes, reclaimed wood table tops, Edison bulbs, and a vintage sign board listing the 25 beers on tap. BrewDog's own beers flow from ten of those, with the remainder dedicated to a rotating set of local—Mad Scientist and Horizont during my visits—and foreign breweries.

The good news is that the beer arrives fresh every week from Scotland; the not so good news is the price points, which are comparable to those in BrewDog's Western European bars: a glass of the signature Punk IPA runs €7, which, by Budapest standards, is very high even for craft beer. Not to mention the €13 burgers. This likely explains why mainly tourists and Hungarian office workers comprise the majority of customers.

BrewDog is a solid option if you're looking for a reliable, highly curated drinking experience near downtown. Otherwise, opt for one of the smaller craft beer bars that are native to Budapest and offer a more personal experience.

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