Börze is a sleek downtown restaurant serving classic Hungarian fare from early morning until midnight, seven days a week. With red banquettes and a chic interior designed to the minute detail, the vibes evoke a Keith McNally restaurant. Börze's moniker is a hat-tip to the enormous pre-war building across the street that used to be the Budapest Stock and Commodity Exchange. Börze is a 2017 offshoot of Menza, and like its sister restaurant, it's a well-oiled machine with reliable dishes and a kind waitstaff.

There's a range of egg-based breakfast foods but I usually go for the snappy-skinned frankfurters with a side of spicy Dijon mustard and crusty bread, or the bundáskenyér, Hungary's savory take on the French toast. For dinner, try the cordon bleu (€12), a crispy, breaded pork schnitzel layered with ham and cheese. Also good are the Hungarian classics: the chicken paprikash (€12), and the rakott krumpli, which is a potato gratin laced with sausage and eggs (€9). Round out your meal with túrógombóc (€5), plump, sweet-tart cottage cheese dumplings topped with sour cream and apricot jam.

Apart from tourists, Börze also attracts locals with a €5 weekday two-course lunch prix-fixe, which is especially popular among office workers. Once here, be sure to roam around the monumental Liberty Square just around the corner from here.

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