Bölcső Bar & Food

Bölcső may not have the deepest craft beer selections in Budapest, nor does it sling In-N-Out-level Double-Doubles, but the combination of above-average beers and burgers makes this lively neighborhood joint a worthy destination. Once here, you'll also get to explore a charming Buda neighborhood on the less-traveled side of the city. Being in Buda means that the patrons here are mainly locals, especially thirty-plus millennials who've developed a taste for craft beers.

There are 16 rotating beers on tap, sourced both from top Hungarian and foreign breweries and featuring everything from IPAs to lagers, porters, and sour beers. The burgers, which start at €7 for a cheeseburger with a side of fries, aren't bad at all, but the kitchen habitually undercooks the patties so go a notch above your desired degree of doneness: ask for medium-well if you’re looking for a patty cooked to medium.

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