Big Daddy Burger Bár

For a deeply offbeat Budapest experience, trek out to Big Daddy Burger Bár in the south of the city, a half-hour bus ride from downtown. Flanked by grey, communist-era high-rises lies this unlikely and not particularly inviting, flimsy wooden shack. The kitschy decor aims to evoke American vibes. As if Big Daddy’s moniker and decorative license plates from Texas, Florida, and Missouri wouldn’t sufficiently convey the Americanness of the place, they painted red, white and blue stripes on the building’s exterior.

The burgers at Big Daddy come in a smaller and squishier buns than elsewhere in Budapest and make for an ideal patty-to-bun ratio. The meat is a 110 gram / 3.9 ounce beef made from a local cattle breed. I usually ask that they prepare it medium as the default doneness level is just over medium. Of the 28 available burgers options, I usually go for the “Még egy kis hús - bacon burger” with cheddar and strips of crispy bacon (€4).

Another of Big Daddy’s attractions is the prices, which are about half of what you will find in downtown (the classic cheeseburger runs €3).