Part café, part restaurant, and part bar, BÉLA is a laid back, all-welcoming neighborhood joint located on the increasingly fashionable Bartók Béla Boulevard on the Buda side. The snug interior features terra cotta-colored walls, wooden floors, Persian carpets, and lots of greenery dangling from the high ceiling. There are plenty of nooks and crannies — look upstairs and in the back — meaning that BÉLA works well for dates nights; in fact, it works well for pretty much anything, which is why it fills to capacity most evenings.

The limited food menu features scrambled eggs, served all day, a couple of soups, and unremarkable sandwiches. Your best bet is the túrógombóc, a plump, sweet-tart cottage cheese dumpling popular in Hungary and served drenched in tasty apricot jam at BÉLA.

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