If Jedermann had a sister location on the Buda side of the city, I bet it would look and feel a lot like BÉLA. This indefinable establishment is part café, part restaurant, and part bar. The interior, a high-ceilinged space with a wooden floor, Persian carpets, hanging plants, and a sleek bar, feels cozy despite the mishmash of styles. They managed to squeeze in some nooks and crannies (look upstairs and in the back), so BÉLA works well for dates too. In fact, it works well for pretty much anything, likely the reason why locals from all walks of life come here.

Food shouldn’t be your main reason to visit BÉLA though. The limited menu comprises scrambled eggs (served all day), a couple of soups (€3), and unremarkable sandwiches that for the equivalent of €5 seem overpriced by local standards. But I did enjoy the túrógombóc, Hungarian sweet cottage cheese balls paired with apricot jam.

This unpretentious, all-welcoming place is a notable addition to Bartók Béla Boulevard, and it solidifies the status of the Újbuda neighborhood as the most interesting one on the Buda side of the Danube.