It’s not easy to find specialty coffee on the Buda side, so when Barako, a closet-sized café, opened in 2014, it filled a gaping void in Buda’s barely-existent craft coffee scene. This is thanks to Filipino owner, Ryan Andres, who eschewed the tourist-heavy downtown areas, setting up shop here instead.

He imports the Barako coffee beans—a variation of the Liberica species—from land he cultivates in the Philippines. One of Barako’s specialties is siphon coffee, which involves an elaborate preparation process reminiscent of a high school chemistry class experiment. Aside from the spectacle, the reward is a smooth, delicate cup of coffee (actually, two cups). If you're planning to pull an all-nighter or are simply a caffeine addict, I recommend the "dead eye": three shots of espresso with brewed coffee.

Once a year, Andres serves kopi luwak, the rare and expensive coffee made from beans excreted by wild civets. Barako ensures that the beans come from ethically harvested sources in the Philippines.

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