Bangkok Thai Étterem

Bangkok Thai Étterem is one of Budapest's oldest Thai restaurants, occupying a below-ground space near the Grand Market Hall and the tourist-heavy Váci Street. This, of course, means that most customers here are foreigners. Golden Buddha statues and fading celebrity photos line the walls—hello Matt Damon and Yoko Ono!—and lend an adorably dated feel to the inside.

The food at Bangkok Thai Étterem is a bit hit or miss. I've had disappointingly tired papaya salad (som tam; €7), but also vibrant and perfectly silky green curry (€7) here. The stir-fried noodles feature the usual suspects, dishes you normally find in Western restaurants, including pad see ew, pad thai, drunken noodles, and pad woon sen (glass noodles). A highlight was the whole roasted trout, served with a crispy skin and blanketed in a chili-laced sauce (€12).

In its third decade of existence, Bangkok Étterem is still going strong—a wait during dinner hours is not unusual. Prices have remained very reasonable despite the place's central location and popularity (mains range from €6 to €10). Also, the old-school servers are good-natured and accommodating, even during peak dining hours. Note that there's little network signal inside the premises, so this is your chance for an undisturbed, phone-free meal with friends or family.

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