Bangkok Thai Étterem

Bangkok Étterem is one of Budapest's oldest Thai restaurants, occupying a below-ground space near the Grand Market Hall and the tourist-heavy Váci Street. Golden Buddha statues and fading celebrity photos line the walls — hello Matt Damon and Yoko Ono! — and lend an adorably dated feel to the inside. The food is a bit hit-or-miss. I've had disappointingly tired papaya salad (som tam; €7) but also bright and silky green curry (€7) here. A highlight is the whole roasted trout, served with a crispy skin and blanketed in a chili-laced sauce (€12). The stir-fried noodles feature the usual suspects: pad see ew, pad thai, drunken noodles, and pad woon sen (glass noodles).

In its third decade of existence, Bangkok Étterem is still going strong — a wait during dinner hours is not unusual. Prices have remained reasonable despite the central location and popularity (mains range €6-10). The old-school servers are good-natured and accommodating, even during peak dining hours. Note that there's little network signal inside the premises so this is your chance for a truly unplugged meal with friends or family.

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