If you're looking to immerse yourself in a lively, communist-era neighborhood bar in Buda, I can't think of a better place than Bambi Eszpresszó. What makes Bambi the real deal? While it doesn't follow contemporary trends, it isn’t showing off an artificial ("retro"), unremembered past either – it’s a genuine throwback.

Patrons are mainly local residents, with a high concentration of older men reading the paper with glasses of beer and increasingly indignant looks on their faces. The waiters are only nice to those patrons they find likeable, and they wear outfits that haven't been in fashion for at least 30 years. The red faux leather upholstery and Thonet look-alike chairs have been in place since the opening in 1961.

The limited food selection consists of a pair of frankfurter sausages with a side of mustard and a slice of bread, scrambled eggs, various toasted sandwiches, and classic Hungarian pastries. Expect rock-bottom prices. Bambi is best in the warm weather months, when the crammed tables on its south-facing terrace are bathed in sunshine.