Bamba Marha Burger Bar (Andrássy)

Let’s get the awkward part out of the way: one of the co-owners of Bamba Marha fashions himself as Hungary's “burger pope,” a curiously narcissistic title, especially in a country where hamburgers don't run very deep. This shouldn’t necessarily deter you from visiting Bamba Marha, a small burger chain in Budapest, as their €5 cheeseburgers offer some of the best value for money in the city’s artisan burgerland: a nicely charred 130 gram / 4.6 ounce patty enclosed by a sesame bun and garnished with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onions, and a slathering of sauce.

Also good is the double-bacon burger (€6) with strips of crisped-up bacon, but I wasn’t a fan of the namesake Bamba Marha burger (€6), where the BBQ-forward sauce and the parmesan overpowered all traces of beefiness. For €1.5, you can upgrade to an Angus patty.

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