Arany Kaviár

Tucked away on a steep side street within the Castle Hill lies one of Budapest's iconic, special-occasion restaurants: Arany Kaviár. As with any self-respecting establishment that specializes in caviar, the dining room is furnished with opulent maroon and golden tapestry.

Fish is normally an afterthought in Budapest restaurants because Hungary is a landlocked country and many freshwater species are endangered and hence banned from fishing. Arany Kaviár sources its produce from a Hungarian fish farm populated with species that were once common in the local rivers, such as various sturgeons. In addition to a few fancy beef, lamb, and venison, fish and caviar comprise the la carte list (mains are €30-40).

Be sure to come with a full wallet if you're also eyeing the caviars. Entry level chum salmon sells for €20 (30 grams), and prices quickly reach triple-digit territory, topping out at €300 for the DeLuxe selection (50 grams), which includes ossetra and Iranian beluga.

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