Apricot Coffee

In Budapest's Jewish Quarter it can feel as if pricey cold brews lurk behind every tourist-trafficked corner. But just a couple of blocks away, the Palace Quarter in District 8 is still less infiltrated with specialty coffee shops (and tourists). One of the few is Apricot Coffee, a tiny café located near some of the most charming and estate-filled streets of Budapest—amble through Horánszky, Reviczky, and Ötpacsirta streets and the area behind the National Museum for some architectural eye candy.

Apricot serves both espresso-based drinks—cortado, flat white, cappuccino, latte—and filter coffees (V60, Aeropress, cold brews). There’s also a wonderful cherry-and-pistachio cake here, morning pastries, and tasty grilled sandwiches with tomato and mozzarella, salami and cheese, and figs and goat cheese (€3).

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