Neighborhood Roma and local office workers alike line up for home-style Hungarian flavors at Akácfa Étkezde. This bizarrely decorated self-service eatery is located in a District 7 backstreet. The interior is decked out in a hodgepodge of items that span from landscape paintings to faux-Biedermeier living room furniture. The checkered tablecloths covered with transparent plastic evoke nostalgia of the 1980s' Hungarian dining scene.

Akácfa Étkezde serves low-priced, unfussy traditional Hungarian dishes. A beef or pork stew, sausages, stuffed cabbage, schnitzel, a couple of vegetable stews, and palacsinta (crepes) are served every day. Portions are generous, the prices rock-bottom. Don't expect a fine-dining kitchen, but the food is decent, and at Akácfa Étkezde you will get to experience a face of Budapest that's largely hidden from downtown - everyday dining among those with limited means. Weekend adventurers be warned, Akácfa Étkezde is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.